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I provide a one and half hour deeply relaxing session of Reiki, Sekhem
 Crystal energetic healing in Yarra Junction, Melbourne.

Financial exchange  first session $120.00, $ 100 there after.

Healings are just as effective and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world,
if you choose this option I write a report of my findings.


I facilitate a intuitive Tea Leaf and card reading,
assisting you with guidance, tools and insight as to how to navigate your life's journey.  

Readings can be done via Skype.


Monday am Ho'oponopono Healing Prayer

Tuesday pm, 'Sending Love Meditation'

REIKI I CLASSES - April 2018

About me

Welcome, my name is Jennie de Varga.

I am very passionate about the healing that is channelled through me, to be working with the energies of the divine on a daily basis is indeed a blessing I cherish.

I have been a channel for energetic healing for the past 16 years to my family (four lovely children) extended family and friends, and now to many clients.   In 2010 I learnt Reiki and Sekhem healing which has heightened my gifts enormously.   I work with these energies alongside crystals that support the healing process.  

I also facilitate Tea Leaf and Card readings, where I tune into what is going on in your life at the present time.  You also may ask questions of things that are troubling you.  These readings  are intuitive, inspirational readings to assist you on your life's path.  These readings come with guidance as to what is happening in your life right now, with some tools for you to work with to assist you on your journey. 

Bringing you to a place of internal peace and re connection to yourself.
Assisting with anxiety, stress, depression and pain.
I specialise in working with mothers to assist them to be calm, centred and at peace. After having four children I have experienced that if the mother is calm and at peace, then the family is,
and this in turnhas a follow on affect in society.  
My passion is to assist mothers to be calm, centred, and connected.


About Universal Reiki

Universal Reiki brings to you a combination of healing modalities  
Reiki, Sekhem, Crystals, which can facilitate  changes in your life. 

My healings and readings are intuitively guided with the assistance of our guides,
and the angelic beings I work with.

What is a healing?

It is a deeply relaxing experience.  
 I assist in helping you to be able to facilitate change on many different levels in your life,
physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
You can feel lighter, grounded, revitalised, stronger, and more connected to your higher self.

I work intuitively with this combination of Reiki (explained in info page), Sekhem (explained in info page), and Crystals to facilitate a healing which brings about changes within you.  

Mission statement:

We integrate the knowledge and wisdom of the universe, combined with my 
commitment and passion, to facilitate healing on all levels, empowering you to reach your full potential.


Jennie creates and holds a profoundly beautiful and loving healing space. My treatment with Jennie felt like a reconnection with eternity, and a limitless state of being. I was able to connect with a part of myself that had lain dormant for some time, buried under the constant grind of parenting and working. I came out of my treatment with Jennie feeling cleansed, and connected to the core of the earth and the heart of the cosmos. Jennie is a wonderful healer who has the ability to create a safe and incredibly deep space, where one's heart and being can truly BE. 

Xx 💚.  Andrew Darling Warburton.   29/8/2017

Hello Jennie and happy 2018! I have so much to say! I am grateful to you, and Eckhart Tolle. After your reading I've tuned in so much more to nature. I even found an article about ecotherapy that was so profound, it made sense of everything for me! And then the other night, after a melancholy day, I sat outside and meditated with the trees and it all made more sense. Thankyou for your helpful guidance. I am feeling positive about the new year and continuing to discover more magic about this universal life. I look forward to seeing you soon, much love and joy and appreciation, Julie   1/1/2018

There is no simple way to describe all the things that Jennie is able to help you with, as a healer. Apart from the fact, that I'd never felt such energy & power from Reiki, as I did with Jennie, I walked out of her room with every cell in my body, vibrating. I felt intesely energized, light, at peace & a feeling of being loved permeating throughout me. It was exactly what I asked for & more. 

A week later I was able to speak openly & honestly to my father for the first time in my life. I learn't that we shared the same unlived dreams. That day, we put an end to thought patterns that no longer served us. Thanks to you Jennie, and your work as a light worker, healer, medium, and desire to assist others to be the best they can be, I was able to clear blockages in my ancestory, learn another lesson & move on. If you feel you're in a rut and you can't move out of it, go and see Jennie de Varga.  With Love  Francesca.   11/12/2017

Jennie is a beautiful grounded being, healer and conduit whose inner calm and connection to mother earth and universal energy create a safe and supportive energetic field and environment. She is respectful and generous with her love and caring, with an open hearted awareness for those that come to her. The healing she facilitates, the support she receives and the shift, realignment and opening that occur during the healing were so profound they seeped through some of the tightest, longest kept and deepest layers of my being and her caring and support continued to flow after the healing session. I am joyous and grateful that our paths crossed, Jennie, thank you for your presence. Love, Sun H 20/3/2016


I live in England, and last night received healing from Jennie. As our energies blended I could feel a tingling sensation all over my body, especially in the areas she was concentrating on. I have to say, what a wonderful experience it was to receive such fantastic healing. I woke this morning feeling refreshed and stronger than I have in a long time and can only thank Jennie for such a wonderful, insightful healing. I would recommend experience to anybody and once again I would like to thank Jennie very much for a wonderful healing.           Jenny Hingham,      March 15, 2016


The healing I received from Jennie was a nurturing & profoundly uplifting experience. Through both the healing guidance & the loving kindness I received I left my session feeling significantly revitalised & nourished. I would passionately recommend Jennie's service to anyone seeking healing, guidance, nurturance or support & have deep respect for her integrity as a healer & therapist.                              3/11/2015   Steph Arvanitakis,  (Victoria)


"After a tough few months of many challenges being thrown at me, I paid Jennie a visit. Desperate to renew my energy levels to not only continue to give to others but also have some energy 'left for me', I started my session with Jennie tearful, exhausted and defeated. An hour later, I literally 'skipped' home feeling so amazingly fantastic that I had all this new energy - absolutely like my body and soul had been resting and being pampered for weeks! Jennie has now helped me several times and it is always a pleasure to visit her, knowing that she will be professional, nurturing and supportive on every level - always a magical and positive experience in every way. Thanks Jennie for giving me back my strength and energy to sustain everyday life.  
Alison Fitzgerald 07/11/2015.


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