What would you expect when you come for a appointment:

One hour of time for yourself, 1 1/2 on first visit

Personallised and individual service with respect, care, unconditional love and confidentiality

A deeply relaxing experience

Insights into issues that have been affecting you

Intuitive guidance on how to work with various issues that you are dealing with 

If necessary, in my consultations, I offer you tools to assist you in your day to day dealings with difficult situations, negative people, stress and emotional re-action in the physical world, so that you are empowered and are able to stay strong in a situation where previously you may have felt weak and over powered.

Your confidentialily is very important to me, as is energetic protection for both of us,
these are hounoured greatly by myself.

Financial exchange $ 120.00 for first session, $100 for following sessions

What is Reiki ?

Briefly, Reiki, pronounced ‘Ray Key', it’s meaning, 'Universal Life Force’.  Reiki is exactly that, the life force that is universal.   It is in everything and everyone, sustaining life as we know it.   A Reiki Practitioner has the knowledge to channel this subtle energy for the purposes of healing the multi layers of our human being.   The life force is channelled in a way that it goes directly to the areas of the being that need cleansing, clearing, support, healing and re energising.   Reiki is usually performed with hands on or off the body, in various positions relating to the chakras (energy systems) of the body.  Reiki also facilitates the healing process of connecting to our true self, and the divine, which then becomes a wonderful support for our journey.

What is Sekhem ?

Sekhem, pronounced ‘Say Kem’ and sometimes spelt ‘Secheim’, is another form of channeled healing which has originated from Egyptian times.   Also, the ‘Universal Life Force’ from an alternative understanding and awareness.   For me Sekhem is a very powerful tool, and healing radiates straight to the issue that needs it, cleansing and clearing all manner of energetic blocks that one may have connected to in this life.   

Healing with crystals

I incorporate crystals into my healing work.  Crystals have a energy and vibration of their own.   Crystals assist in many ways on many levels.   My crystals have been cleansed and cleared and programmed to assist you for your highest good when you are receiving a healing.